SEO: Page Internal factors of search engine optimization

In the placement in the search results not only external, but also and internal page factors play a role. If no backlinks /especially those with the desired keywords in the link text/ from other related subjects as possible domains with high PR have their own pages, which one should use as possibilities of intra-page optimization.

Here is some information:

  • Basic requirements
  • Naming
  • Semantics
  • The unknown element
  • Accessibility
  • Keywords
  • Shams content
  • Search Engine

Basic requirements

Search engines need to evaluate the contents of a logical page xHTML. They take into account only text. Interpret them (except for Optimization Tricks ‘punish’) JavaScript, or content that requires to display additional programs, except for the widely used MS Office formats, PDF, and, although only partially, textual content in Flash files. Text information contained in graphics (probably a long time) is not recognized. Your pages must have regular, static xHTML links. If they can only be called via JavaScript functions or add-ons, such as Java or Flash, they are not accessible to search engines. Avoid frames, particularly on the home page. A frameset is a meaningless file and therefore initially provides no incentive for indexing. Share more content or too many links (at the Site) on several pages or a comprehensive navigation in areas with links.


One or two by separate keywords in the domain name are beneficial in two ways: the domain name is of great importance for the relevance of the search terms given and backlinks to the keywords even if they contain only the domain name in the link text. What should you pay attention to each case? It comes to keywords in the directory and file name. Specify directories and files to the content. Use always-appropriate name, but do not overdo it – it might be interpreted as a spam attempt. When you generate dynamic pages, you should reference not only a file as “index.php” with different parameters. They also use here several files with meaningful names or use mod_rewrite. If you need parameters, confine them, because search engines follow several parameters only with a high PR.

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