WordPress SEO Themes

Choosing the right design for your own WordPress blog also plays a role for the subsequent positioning of the page in Google ranking. We will tell you where you will find a wide selection of WordPress SEO Themes.

The best SEO Theme for WordPress

The best SEO Theme for WordPress is programmed as narrow as possible, and contain as little code already takes into account important aspects of onpageSEO of a website. So here h1, h2, h3 headers are already set dynamically, etc. through the generation of duplicate content as alternate versions of their own blogs as RSS already prevented in advance.

Adaptation of the WordPress Themes

The adaptation of the WordPress themes on the design or corporate identity of your own blog is done relatively quickly. In each theme directory you can find everything, you need for this. The individualization of WordPress themes can on the one in the php files in the theme directory and the graphics folder.Before customization of each template, it is recommended to customize and work with a copy a backup of the original – especially when one’s blog is already being crawled by search engines. This alone can be edited and the theme changes already made can be viewed in the Preview theme in WordPress admin area. Only when the template is ready, it should be activated.

The final check at the World Wide Web Consortium

To check it is advisable to check your template for accuracy.

W3CMarkup Validator

A review of your CSS formatting you can make about the following services:

W3CCSS Validator

Rated over 800 word press Themes for SEO aspects

Some sites offer an incredible number of over 800 WordPress SEO Themes. All themes were evaluated for SEO point of view and can be viewed comfortably in a concise quick view.In your WordPress Theme Review, it also shows whether the respective templates are widget-ready and SEO assigns a score for each template.

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